The world’s first golf café franchise that guarantees results.

I'm Tom Matzen, founder and CEO of Links Golf Café—I love coffee, and not just because it's been so good to me over the years. I've built 187 coffee bars for me or my clients, and I've sold some 182,000 books about the business. 

I know that if you do them right, you can average a stunning 52% cash on cash return per year, regardless of economic conditions.

When you add in the opportunity to come together and conduct business while enjoying a robust, virtual golf atmosphere, you've got a winning recipe and a perfect fit for equity crowdfunding.


Our proven franchise plan ensures long-term profitability by generating multiple revenue streams that are not all simultaneously susceptible to risk.


Coffee bars are simple to run, scalable, and offer great margins.

Our sophisticated golf simulators help rejuvenate a reliable fan base by steeply reducing the time, expense, and crowding involved when playing a full round of 18 holes. They also introduce golf to a whole new fan base of "non-traditional" players who enjoy learning the game in smaller doses within a party atmosphere. 

Mall landlords will be excited to make inroads against the record 11.4% (and rising) vacancy rate in malls.

Own a piece of the world’s first golf café franchise that guarantees results!


Potential franchisees will undergo a rigorous, five-part evaluation process to confirm they are a good match for the Links Golf Café revenue plan. Once accepted, if that franchisee does not see positive cash flow within its first year of operation, Links Golf Café will waive the franchise's 7% system rental fees until it shows a profit:

  • We believe golf is ready for an influx of new fans who love the game not just for the skill, but also the party atmosphere that indoor golf facilities provide.

  • We believe we know the specs for choosing and designing the right space, the proper price points to set, and the marketing that creates the buzz you want.

  • We believe we know how to choose franchisees, who undergo a five-part review process before they get the keys to the kingdom.


Links Golf Café is my first startup built to exit from the ground up. We plan to open 100 locations in three to five years, and then exit to a large franchise amalgamator. Based on industry multiples, I believe Links Golf Café will sell for nearly 40 times earnings (the average for emerging franchisors that exit), which extrapolates to a range of $1.4-$3.2 billion.


Tom Matzen

Tom has built 187 coffee bars for himself and his clients. Started 92 businesses of his own, eight to 7 figures and beyond. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred seventy-five million in sales in dozens of industries.

Simon Hedley

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the UK and spent over ten years working in financial services, from PriceWaterhouseCoopers, through to Investment Banking encompassing Product Development, Structuring and Investment Management at Morgan Stanley.

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